What is the Residual Oil Rate of Oil Mill Machine?

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It is all known that it not accurate to judge the quality of oil mill machine by its oil yield. So, what can really determinate the quality of oil press machines? In fact, the residual oil rate is one of the best indicator to judge whether an oil press expeller is good or not. However, a lot of people don't know what the residual oil rate is. Today we're going to take screw oil press machine as an example to explain the residual oil rate.

low residual oil rate oil press machine

Low Oil Residual Rate Oil Press Machines for Sales

Residual Oil Rate Definition

Residual oil rate means that there are no more oil can be extracted from oil cake that has been pressed through screw oil press machine. The popular saying of residual oil rate is the oil in the cake. To measure the performance of an oil mill is basically see residual oil rate. For screw oil press machine, the lower the residual oil rate is, the better performance of the oil press machine is. Under the same squeezing process of same material, the oil mill machine with lower residual oil rate is of higher yield efficiency. Therefore, there is a great correlation between the performance of the oil press and the residual oil rate. Do not underestimate the residual oil rate.

Residual Oil Rate Eligibility Criteria

It is not enough to know what residual oil rate is. Having a better understand about the eligibility criteria of residual oil rate would be great to help you choose a superior oil mill machine. In fact, as long as the oil mill machine is manufactured by the regular manufacturer, the quality supervision department will test and check the residual oil in the cake, and the residual oil in the cake of the qualified oil mill is controlled by 6% to 8%. However, some manufacturer boasts that its oil mill machine can get a residual oil rate of 3% or 4%. I can tell you responsibly that is unscientific and not true. In today’s market, the residual oil rate of best oil mill machine can be only controlled at 6% around.

We have a wide range of oil machine that can process the raw material efficiently and scientifically, our oil press machines can ensure lowest residual oil rate. You are very welcomed to ask questions about our oil press machines or any things about oil processing technology.

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