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Cotton seed is an annual plant that cultivated for cotton fiber, animal feed and cotton seed oil. Similar to sunflower seeds, cotton seed has a hard outer hull. Cotton seed oil often used as cooking oil. Cotton seed oil processing is a complicated process that requires rigorous control. Refined cottonseed oil is in orange or brown color. Cotton seed oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids, so it is more appropriate to mixed with animal fat when eating. Because of high content of oleic acid, cotton seed oil can effectively inhibit the rise of cholesterol in the blood and maintain the health of the human body. The absorptivity of cotton seed oil by human body is up to 98%. (Read More about Sunflower Seed Oil Making>>)
cotton seed oil extracted from cotton seeds

How to Establish Small Cotton Seed Oil Mill Plant?

If you are going to start oil mill plant for business purpose, establishing a small cotton seed oil mill plant is rather a good choice. But how to establish a small scale oil mill plant for cotton seed oil, and how to ensure the efficiency and profits of your cotton seed oil production? Check out below considerations to establish an efficient small cotton seed oil mill with eases.
establish cotton seed oil mill plant at low cost

Firstly, it is virtually important to have a complete market research about cotton seed oil. But, for cotton seed oil, the global demand of cotton seed oil is far larger than global supply of cotton seed oil. Therefore, it is absolutely profitable to establish a complete oil processing plant for cotton seed oil.
global cotton seed oil price trend

Secondly, you are going to have a clear idea about your sources, including available capitals, factory lands, effective sale channels, and more. Knowing what you have and what you can offer will ensure smooth process to set up your own oil mill plant. Thirdly, find out a reliable supplier for your cotton seed oil mill plant. There are many ways to get information about different cotton seed oil processing machinery manufacturer. ABC Machinery is the top oil mill plant equipment in China. We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and installing highly efficient vegetable oil mill plant projects for our customers. We offer A~Z solutions for oil processing plant, including cotton seed, mustard, sunflower seed, soybean, groundnut, and more. Last, it is necessary to learn more about how to operate your oil mill plant and grasp more marketing skills to expand cotton seed oil sales.

Cotton Seed Oil Processing Process

If you are going to establish a cotton seed oil mill plant, no matter how big it is, knowing the detailed process of cotton seed oil making is useful for normal and long-term operation. The main process of cotton seed oil processing are seed pretreatment, oil pressing and oil refining.

Cotton Seed Pretreatment for Oil Pressing

Before loading into cotton seed oil press machine, the cotton seed should be processed by a series machine to ensure high oil output, including delinting, frying, impurities removal, grinding, cotton seed oil cake making, etc. The machine involved in this process may have cleaning sieve, cooker, seed delinting machine, ect.

Cotton Seed Oil Pressing

For small cotton seed oil mill plant, screw oil mill press equipment is the most suitable for machinery because of its high efficiency and low investment cost. Cotton seed oil press is the screw oil expeller that can be used for most oil oil-bearing seeds to extract oil out. Compared to other oil manufacturing unit, the cotton seed oil machine by ABC Machinery has many unmatchable advantages.

cotton seed oil mill machine at low cost

  • It can easily designed with heating system and oil cake meshing device for highest oil output
  • It is designed with stainless steel oil cover and oil
  • It is small in size, but efficient in operation, so it requires less land for your cotton seed oil mill, save investment cost, at the same time, ensure efficient cotton seed oil production
  • It is also suitable for other plant seeds, so which also provides you more opportunities to expand you oil making business
  • User-friendly operation and less machine maintenances for worries-free and continuous oil production

Cotton Seed Oil Refining

Although cotton seed oil is also the main cooking oils, the crude cotton seed oil contains cotton phenol (about 1%), colloidal and waxy substances (the amount is based on the content of oil in cotton seed). Therefore, the quality of crude cotton seed oil is poor and is not suitable for eating or cooking directly. Oil refining process in cotton seed oil processing plant is used to refine crude cotton seed oil for high quality oil. The complicated process involved in cotton seed oil refining mainly includes: filtration of crude oil, degumming, deacidifying, decolorizing, deodorizing. We have rich experiences in cotton seed oil refining, we have established many refinery projects for cotton seed oil, ranging from 1TPD ~ 30TPD, especially in Afghanistan.

cotton seed oil mill plant refining section

If you still have no ideas about how to establish a small cotton seed oil mill plant, please contact us directly. We have many hands-on experiences about cotton seed oil processing, both in oil pressing and oil refining. We can not only offer you the most suitable cotton seed oil processing machinery to help you build up a customized efficient cotton seed oil mil plant, but also guarante you the most competitive price to minimize the investment cost. You are very welcomed to contact us by any ways or just have a face to face communication with us! We are always ready for your questions!

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