10TPD Sunflower Seed Oil Pressing Line in Uganda

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Project Name: Sunflower Seed Oil Pressing Line
Project Location: Uganda
Project Capacity: 10 Tons per Day Sunflower Seed Oil Pressing
Raw Material: Sunflower Seeds, Cottonseeds, Soybeans
Main Equipment: seeds pretreatment equipment, sunflower seeds oil pressing machine, sunflower oil refinery units.
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edible oils produced by sunflower oil pressing line

Edible Oils Produced By Sunflower Oil Production Line

This oil processing plant was established in Uganda in 2016. Now, this project has been running for two years, and the edible oils it produced are sold very well in local markets. The oil mill plant mainly composed of seeds pretreating section, oil pressing section and oil refinery section. Although the oil pressing section is for three kinds of plant seeds, the main raw material is sunflower seeds. Taking in consideration of the further oil production requirements, the pretreating section was also equipped with delinter, crusher, screening sieve, cooker, single screw oil presses and one set small oil refinery unit so that the whole oil processing factory can process more plant seeds, not only sunflower seeds, soybean and cottonseeds. The sunflower seed oil pressing line was assembled with two sets of YZS-95 oil expeller that is very suitable for small or medium scale vegetable oil pressing plant. The oil refining section adopts small type edible oil refinery equipment for high grade oil. All the sunflower oil production equipment was carefully combined for the best results and customer’s requirements. If you are searching for a best oil production plant, you can contact for professional solutions. We will never let us down!

Sunflower Seed Oil Pressing Line Installation

The whole oil pressing line was constructed under the technical guidance of ABC Machinery professional engineers. Below is the onsite installation and commissioning pictures of this sunflower oil pressing line.

sunflower seed oil pressing line in Uganda

Sunflower Oil Pressing Line in Uganda

sunflower oil press machine installation

Sunflower Oil Press Machines Installation

sunflower oil refinery unit at factory prices
Sunflower Oil Refinery Unit
sunflower oil refining
Sunflower Oil Refining

Sunflower Seed Oil Pressing Process and Corresponding Equipment

Actually, setting up an oil pressing line to produce vegetable oil from sunflower seeds is an easy thing, especially for a small scale sunflower seed oil pressing line. There, we introduce the main processes of sunflower oil pressing and corresponding equipment required.

Sunflower Seed Pretreatment
This process requires cleaning machines to remove foreign impurities and cooking machine to soften sunflower seed for maximum oil yield.

sunflower seed cooker and cleaning machine at factory price
Cleaning Sieve & Electrical Cooker

Sunflower Oil Pressing
There are many types and models of sunflower oil pressing machinery in today’s market. But, we recommend screw oil press since it costs lower but has very good producing capacity. We offer two types of screw oil press machine for sunflower oil production, one is the single screw oil press and the other is automatic oil press. Both are very great in practical uses. If you want to know more specifications or the latest prices, please contact us!

sunflower seed oil press at factory price
Sunflower Oil Presses at Factory Prices

ABC Machinery is professional oil pressing and refining machinery supplier and has undertook many turnkey projects. With years of experiences, we can process a very wide range of raw materials to produce high quality edible oils or nonedible oils. We can provide you a comprehensive oil production solutions. If you have any interests, please contact directly by emails or calls.

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