10TPD Sunflower Seed Oil Making Plant with 3TPD Oil Refinery Line in Moldova

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Project Name: Sunflower Seed Oil Making Plant
Project Location: Moldova
Project Capacity: 10T/D sunflower seed oil pressing line & 3T/D sunflower oil refinery line
Raw Material: Sunflower Seeds
Main Equipment:  Sunflower Seeds Huller, Cooking Machiner, Automatic Oil Press Machine, Plate and Frame Oil Filter Press, Small Edible Oil Refinery Equipment, Automatic Fillling Machine, Automatic Labelling Machine, and more.
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Sunflower Seed Oil Making Plant Brief Introduction

sunflower seed oil making plant in Moldova
Sunflower Seed Oil Making Plant (10TPD Pressing & 3TPD Refining)

This sunflower seed oil processing plant was customized by a client from Moldova. Its daily capacity is about 10 tons oil pressing and 3 tons oil refinery. This is a complete automatice sunflower oil making plant, including pretreatment section, oil pressing section, oil refinery section and oil filling & labelling section.

sunflower oil making plant pretreatment section
Sunflower Seed Oil Making Plant Pretreatment Section
sunflower oil press machine and oil filter press machine
Auto Sunflower Oil Press & Sunflower Oil Filter Press
sunflower oil refining section
Sunflower Oil Refining Section
oil fillling and labelling machines
Automatic Oil Filling and Labelling Equipment
oil testing picture
Crude Sunflower Oil & Oil Testing
onsite picture with our clients
Onsite Picture with our Clients

Details of Sunflower Oil Making Process

Sunflower seeds are removed most foreign impurities by cleaning sieve. Through screw conveyor, cleaned sunflower seeds are transported to pulverizer. Smashed sunflower seeds are elevated to steam cooker that can soften sunflower seed flakes by high temperature and break internal cells. Then, the material is transported to the stir cooker installed on the upside of screw oil press by screw conveyor, and cooked to get suitable moisture. At there, all the pretreatment for sunflower seeds are completed. So, the pretreated sunflower material is loaded into screw oil presses to squeeze oil out. The crude oil coming out from oil pressing machine will be directly filtered large particles by screen and stored into the oil tank temporarily. When the crude oil is reaching about 1.5 tons. All the crude oil will be filtered by plate and frame oil filter press. Filtered oil is pumped into refining pot to precipitate and remove the soap. After neutralizing, decoloring, vacuum deodorization and filtration, edible sunflower oil is obtained. All the refined oil is stored in product oil tank. After automatic filling and labelling, the sunflower oil can be sold into market directly. The complete process of sunflower oil making is automated and easy to operate.

Tips on Sunflower Seed Oil Making Plant Setup

sunflower seed oil
  • The pre-treatment of sunflower seed is necessary since it can remove impurities from sunflower seed, change its shape to meet the requirements of oil production. See more pre-treatment machines at ABC Machinery.
  • Choosing a reliable sunflower seed oil processing machine supplier can get twofold results with half the effort, this is especially true for people who have less knowledge on sunflower oil processing. ABC Machinery has undertaken many sunflower oil production projects in the world.
  • Pre-pressing can extrude some of the oil from the sunflower seed to improve the oil yield

The pressing method is also called "physical squeeze method", which is to extrude the oil from sunflower seeds by external force and not apply to other chemical solvents, so as to avoid the residue of organic solvent in oil. Sunflower seed oil making plant retains almost all the nutrients in sunflower seed oil, making fresh and non-greasy, and rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Sunflower Seed Oil Global Consumption and Production Outlook

Global Sunflower Seed Oil Production
In 2016, the production of sunflower seed oil in the world exceeded 17 million tons, with an increase of 1.86 million tons over 2015. Global production of sunflower seed oil is expected to increase by 330, 000 tons in 2017, to close to 17.7 million tons.

global sunflower oil production

2012~2017 Global Sunflower Oil Production (Million Tons)

Sunflower Seed Oil Production Area Distribution
Ukraine, Russia and the European Union are the main production countries and region of sunflower seed oil. In 2016, Ukraine's sunflower oil output of 5.76 million tons, accounting for 33.2% of the total global sunflower oil output, Russia's sunflower oil output of 4.17 million tons, accounting for 24.1% of global sunflower oil production, the EU's sunflower oil output of 3.21 million tons, accounting for 18.5% of the total global sunflower oil production.

global sunflower oil production areas
Global Sunflower Oil Prodution Areas

Sunflower Oil Consumption Area Distribution
The EU is the main area of sunflower seed oil consumption. In 2016, the consumption of sunflower oil in the EU was 4.26 million tons, accounting for 26.4% of the total consumption of sunflower seed oil in the world.

global sunflower oil consumption-areas

Global Sunflower Consumption Areas

Global Outlook on Consumption of Sunflower Oil
The global consumption of sunflower seed oil is expected to continue to grow steadily in the future. In 2021, the consumption of sunflower oil will exceed 20 million tons.

Sunflower Oil Production Outlook

From above information, it is obviously that sunflower oil has great market share, and want take a place in sunflower oil making industry, quality is a key important factor. ABC Machinery boasts strong ability in manufacturing superior sunflower oil processing machinery and has rich experinces in undertaking sunflower oil production plant turnkey projects. If you are planning to deal with sunflower oil making business, get in touch with, we can offer you the BEST project report and the most competitve price!

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