What's Fish Meal and Fish Oil Refinery?

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From September 11th to 12th, 2018, ABC Machinery attended China Feed Online Conference 2018 that held in Shanghai, China. In the conference, we mainly focused on the fish meal processing, since our company is particularly good at fish oil refining. We have setup many edible oil refinery plants around the world.

ABC Machinery attends China Feed Online Conference 2018

What is Fish Meal? What’s Fish Oil?

Fishmeal is a high-protein feedstock that has been degreased, dehydrated, and pulverized with one or more fish as raw materials. Fish oil generally refer to aquatic animal oils, including fish body oil, cod liver oil and sea animal oil. Fish body oil mainly refers to the crude oil that is pressed and separated in the production of fishmeal.

fish oil and fish meal

Fish (Left)      Fish Meal (Middle)      Fish Oil (Right)

Fish oil can be used for various purposes after alkali refining or hydration, or other methods of decolorization and deodorization. For example, a hydrogenated oil can be used to produce margarine or soap, a sulfonated oil is used in the finishing process of tanning, heated to a polymeric oil for use in paints, etc.; and components of highly unsaturated fatty acids in fish oil can also be utilized. The preparation of pharmacological W-3-polyenoic acid (mainly eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid) is used for preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases and promoting the growth and development of young animals. It can be seen that the use of fish oil is quite extensive.

How to Refine Fish Oil?

Fish oil refinery is to remove the impurities, odors, pigments and other impurities from crude fish oil so as to get high quality fish oil for further oil processing. Basically, there are four steps involves in fish oil refining process.

  • Neutralization: Adds NaOH into the crude fish oil to reduce the acid
  • Degumming: Uses hot water to wash the oil, making it clean
  • Bleaching: Adds bleaching earth into the degummed oil to remove the colors, pigments and other impurities
  • Deodorization: To remove the odors from the decolorized oil to make it pure through high vacuum
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Some of Fish Oil Refinery Projects ABC Machinery Built:
5TPD Fish Oil Refining Plant Built in Philippines
3TPD Fish Oil Refinery Line in Bangladesh

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