Small Soybean Oil Manufacturing Unit

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Soybean oil, also called soya oil, is one of the most commonly used cooking oils. It is extracted from soybeans by by mechanical pressing or solvent extraction. But, now in order to meet the healthy demand, the best method is to use screw oil press to extract soybean oil since it doesn’t require any chemical additions. The high quality soybean oil is light in color, no precipitation, no bean paste. When the temperature is below zero degree Celsius, high quality soybean oil will have crystallization. The oil yield of soybean oil by screw oil press is about 17% and will produce a lot of oil cake.

Customers often consult us about oil pressing equipment. Among them, screw soybean oil manufacturing unit is the most hot equipment. For soybean crops, we have made relevant summary of our oil press equipment, so that our customer can better buy the corresponding soybean oil manufacturing equipment. (Read more about Soybean Oil Mill Plant Setup >>)

Small Soybean Oil Manufacturing Unit

We have developed and designed many great soybean oil manufacturing models, including single screw oil press, integrated soybean oil expeller with filters and auto-temperature oil press. The working principle of soybean oil manufacturing unit is almost the same. It mainly makes use of the mechanical pressure to extract oil out from the soybeans. All the small soybean oil manufacturing machines are suitable for mobile soybean oil workshop, small to large scale soybean oil production plant

small soybean oil manufacturing unit structure

Screw Soybean Oil Manufacturing Machine

Above is the main structure of screw soybean oil press. It mainly includes pressing cage, gear box, feeder, machine stand, screw axis and more. The pressing cages is installed with pressing rings and pressing bars for oil pressing.

Soybean Oil Manufacturing Process

Cleaning: the first process of soybean oil manufacturing is to remove the impurities contained in the soybeans, including dirts,shells, stones and more.
Cooking: it is to adjust the temperature and moisture of soybeans so as to improve the oil yield.
Pressing: use screw oil expeller to squeeze the oil out from soybeans
Filtration: crude soybean oil from the oil manufacturing machine should be filtered to remove the organic impurities.
Refining: high quality soybean oil is produced through refining process.

small soybean oil refining unit for sales
Small Soybean Oil Refining Units for Sales

Advantages of Screw Oil Press in Manufacturing Soybean oil

low cost soybean oil manufacturing machines
  • Small size and structure takes up less factory space, further lower the investment cost of soybean oil manufacturing
  • Multiple models are available for different requirements and capacity
  • Mechanical pressing process avoid the additions of chemicals to have bad effect on the quality of soybean oil
  • High quality carbon steel and stainless steel guarantee the quality of the whole screw oil press machine
  • Can be used to extract oil from a wide range of oil-bearing seeds, including palm kernel, soybeans, groundnuts, cotton seeds, mustard seeds and more.
Oil Seeds Oil Yield (%) Oil Seeds Oil Yield (%)
Soybeans 18~21 Tea Seeds 14~30
Corn Germ 30~40 Cotton Seeds 33~40
Palm Kernel 50~55 Peanuts/Groundnuts 44~55
Copra 35~45 Sesame Seeds 45~50
Rape Seeds 35~40 Sunflower Seeds 45


ABC Machinery has been set up many soybean oil production projects across the world. We provide the most cost effective soybean oil manufacturing machine for our customer with the purpose to minimize the investment cost while ensure the production capacity. If you have any interests in our soybean oil manufacturing equipment, please contact us for more information!

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