Cottonseed Oil Refinery Machinery Inspection Report

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In May 2017, the quality inspection of a full Edible Oil Refinery Plant for crude cottonseed oil was completed at our factory. And then, all the equipment was carefully packed and loaded into cars for shipment to its destination Afghanistan. The cottonseed oil refinery machinery all together was loaded into 7 container cars.  (You may also like Cottonseed Oil Mill Plant >>)

quality inspection of cottonseed oil refinery machinery at factory
Cottonseed Oil Refinery Equipment Ready for Packing at Factory

The detailed project information of this small cottonseed oil refinery plant is 10T/D Cottonseed Oil Batch Refining Line & 10T/D Cottonseed Oil Winterization Fractionation Line & 1T Horizontal Coal-fired Steam Boiler.

Cottonseed Oil Refinery Machinery Inspection

Below are pictures of the some of cottonseed oil refining production equipment. Detailed equipment list and quotation price of this 10T/D cotton seed oil refinery plant, please contact us directly!

cottonseed oil refining pots

Cottonseed Oil Refining Pots

cystallizer for cotton seed oil fractionation

Cottonseed Oil Fractionation Equipment

deodorizing pot for cotton seed oil
Cotton Seed Oil Deodorizing Pot

cotton seed oil tanks and pots
Cotton Seed Oil Refining Pots and Tanks

steam distributors and pumps of cotton seed oil refinery plant

Oil Distributor and Other Equipment

auxiliary equipment of cotton seed oil refinery
Heat Conducting Oil Furnace and Vertical Oil Filter

steam jet pumps
Steam Jet Pump

Bleaching Earth and Various Pumps

various pumps and valves for cotton seed oil refinery
Various Pumps for Cotton Seed Oil Refining

PLC control cabinet for cotton seed oil refinery plant
PLC Control Cabinet

cotton seed oil refining auxiliary equipment - steam boiler
1T Steam Boiler (3 Phase 380V/50Hz)

Below are pictures of the loading of cottonseed oil refinery machinery.

10TPD cottonseed oil refinery machinery loading for shipment

ABC Machinery has been the expert in Crude Oil Refining, including vegetable oils and annimal oils. We have set up a 30T/D Cottonseed Oil Refinery Plant in Afghanistan before. Our cottonseed oil refinery machinery has been widely recognized by our customers due to its premium quality, superior performance and competitive price. The capcaity of oil refinery machine we can supply is 1T/D, 2T/D, 3T/D, 5T/D, 10T/D, 15T/D, 20T/D, 30T/D, and above. If there are any questions about cottonseed oil refinery or other crude oil refining, please write to us for professional information!

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